naming process

The Namebase naming process includes 5 distinct steps. Since each naming project has its own challenges, we customize our product naming strategy to best serve your needs, interests, and budget.

The five phases of the naming process are:

  • Set Objectives/Develop Brief During this phase, the Namebase team will immerse itself in your product and market to ensure we understand your value proposition, voice and naming objectives. This phase ensures we deliver a name that fits your needs and stands out versus the competition.  
  • Develop Names After researching multiple sources for inspiration, our naming professionals develop hundreds of potential name candidates for your product.
  • Present Names to Client Developed names undergo rigorous analysis to ensure they meet objectives, are memorable, possess storytelling power, and have the strongest chance of surviving deep level trademark screenings. 
  • Evaluate Selected Name Candidates Names that survive the evaluation process and first-stage trademark screening are presented as recommended name candidates. Once you have provided feedback, Namebase provides refinements to brief and moves to 2 and 3 name development.
  • Verify Trademark Favorite names are subjected to deeper levels of screening in multiple national and global trademark and business databases. If needed, a linguistic check is completed to ensure your name communicates appropriately across targeted countries and cultures.

For a detailed description of what's involved in each phase, please download the Namebase Process Guide.

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