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Based in Connecticut and New York City, Namebase is one of the nation's leading naming consultancies. Since 1995, our talented team of marketers, namers, linguists and trademark professionals has been developing successful product, business, and service names. We have helped clients in a wide range of industries from food, to health and beauty, medical device, technology, software, services and many more.

The Namebase team brings broad naming skills to enure successful naming. We develop naming strategy with our clients and develop unique names for each project we undertake. To ensure that names are pronounceable and free from negative associations across cultures and languages, every name is subjected to rigorous linguistic analysis. And because we don't want you to fall in love with an unavailable name, we conduct thorough trademark screening at every milestone in the naming process.

At Namebase, every client works directly with Namebase principals. This reflects our conviction that great names come from great experience and passionate commitment.

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