Global Linguistic Analysis

In-country analysis

Through linguistic analysis, we will assess the language and cultural strengths of the names you select across the languages that are most important to you. We have a panel of native speakers around the globe that help us assess the acceptability of your name candidates.

The analysis will help clarify if:

  • The name is pronounceable in key languages/countries most important to your business
  • The name has derogatory meanings or associations
  • Their local products, companies, brands that have similar names.

Linguistic analysis

Through linguistic analysis, we will assess the language and cultural strengths of selected names across multiple languages including:

  • The meaning of the brand name candidate, if any, to native speakers in that language
  • Positive and negative (obscene or inappropriate) connotations including slang, colloquialisms, associations, and pronunciation issues
  • Closely similar words, phrases and trademarks
  • Ease of pronunciation in the native language, specifically the English pronunciation
  • Possibility for mispronunciation
  • Possible spelling problems


Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. *Extended version (additional cost) includes these languages: Bengali, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Gaelic, Greek (modern), Italian, Korean, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Namebase Translation Services

Upon conclusion of your naming project, Namebase can provide translation services in most major European and Asian languages. Namebase translation services are done by native speakers and provide multiple translations complete with local nuances. Multiple translations are provided with recommendations. Where applicable, names are written in native characters.

  • Company Brand Naming Services

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