Name Assessment

Have you Developed Names Internally? Namebase will assess your name candidates for you.

Does your name meet best-in-class criteria for brand naming? Is it easy to say and spell? Is it unique in its category? How easy is the name to remember? Once we understand your objectives, Namebase uses a proprietary scoring model to assess each of your brand names and provide feedback and actionable recommendations.

Our 10-point assessment checks the following:

  • Fit with communication goals: Does the name accomplish your goals? Does it support the value proposition of the offering?
  • Storytelling Power—Does the name tell a story? Does it make the product come alive?
  • Uniqueness—Is it unique in its category? Is it unique overall? Will it be easily confused with other products?
  • Memorable—Does the name elicit mental pictures? Does it evoke emotion/emotions?
  • Believable—Does the name overpromise on what the product delivers?
  • Fit to product class—Does it suggest the product class (now and in the future)? For example, does the name sound for a technology sound like a food product?
  • Promotes customer engagement/interest—Does the name make prospective buyers or consumers want to know more?
  • Fit with available marketing support—Will the name be effective given the plan for marketing support?
  • Name fit in context—How well does the name fit in context with the parent brand and the product descriptor?
  • Audience friendliness – Is the name easy to say and spell?
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