Naming Process

Strategically-Driven Naming Approach

Namebase will bring an arsenal of talent and expertise to your naming project. Using a tested process that is strategically focused, creatively driven, and framework-based, we lead you through the naming process with an approach we guarantee will yield successful name candidates.

The Namebase three-phase process

Phase 1 – Naming Brief Development

  • Input. Gain input on the offering we are naming, your target market, communication goals as well as naming constraints.
  • Discovery and brainstorming. Competitor review and exploration of naming strategies and creative directions.
  • Alignment. Here we discuss potential strategies and ensure we are on the same page. Once you have provided feedback, Namebase provides refinements to the naming brief prior to full name brainstorming.

Phase 2 – Creative Development/Name Presentation

  • Name development. Hundreds of names are created during phase two of naming. To ensure the widest possible range of creative options, our naming specialists are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and professions: linguists, anthropologists, writers and historians to mention a few.
  • Name curation. Once our naming specialists have developed a substantial number of names, each name undergoes a vetting process using Namebase’s proprietary 10-Point criteria covering factors ranging from uniqueness, believability to contextual fit and trademark-ability.
  • Name presentation. Names that survive the evaluation process are presented as recommended name candidates. We present name recommendations ensuring it is clear how the name can come alive for your offering.
  • Listen. We take the time to listen to your feedback and to create a second or third optimized group of names as needed.

Phase 3 - Name Assessment and Evaluation/Trademark Screen

  • Namebase Evaluator. Evaluation of the selected favorite names using best-in-class naming criteria including achievement of communication goals, appeal to target market, uniqueness, as well as trademark and domain name factors.
  • The Trademark Report. Namebase provides results for your selected names in a preliminary trademark report. The report indicates the names we believe are most protectable from our findings. From this report, you will then work with your trademark attorneys for review and registration.
  • Guide. We provide guidance, explain trade-offs and recommend best-practices to help you and your team align on a final name.
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