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Vitamins and supplements live in a crowded space, and, with little advertising support, the only chance they get to communicate is from the shelf. The product name must truly perform: it needs to both be descriptive of its features and benefits and it must be unique enough to be trademarked. Namebase developed the nomenclature for the product line and created the brand names: TRIMUNE, GARLIFE,...

Redken Chromatics - Product Naming Process

Redken called on Namebase to develop a name that captured their breakthrough hair coloring and strengthening technology. The name for this salon-based formula had to convey its rich color and fortifying capabilities while speaking to its deep roots in science. Namebase recommended Chromatics --- it conveys the scientific study of colors—their hue and saturation—as well as a chromatic scale in music. As such, it reflected the...


BiC needed a name for an exciting new disposable razor that had twin soft strips of moisturizers and a soft-feel grip. Namebase created the brand name Softwin to directly communicate the attributes of this shaver. This brand name has been a major share owner in the market and has since been extended to include Comfort Twin.