How To Name A Company

Like architecture, brand naming is highly creative and is informed by solid principles. If adhered to, these principles can contribute to the creation of enduring brand names. And while a bad name isn’t necessarily a smackdown for a quality product, a superior name greatly enhances a good one.

Stand Out and Be Noticed

A Purple Cow stands out from the herd. One way to "Purple Cow" names is to fuse natural words in...

Naming Paint Colors and Brands

Not too long ago, Namebase had a colorful assignment—to name a brand line of paint. To prime the team, we visited hardware and paint stores, exploring the brand names and copy of all things related to paint—brushes, varnishes, trays, and other accoutrement. Needless to say, we lingered longest in the chip sample section. These prismatic displays -- with the whimsical names - held us spellbound.

I’m not sure when our fascination with...

How to name a product or business

Are there secrets as to what makes a great product name? During our 20 years of naming, Namebase has developed the following seven key rules for great naming:

  1. Focus. A good name can communicate no more than two ideas. Any more and you will have confused your audience. Remember that the name does not have to communicate everything on its own. Your logo, website, tagline, etc. will support your key name...
Coming Up With A  Business Name

Whether you’re a brand new business seeking to grab mind and market share, or an existing company in need of a rebrand, a strong name is essential. And while powerful business names share many features with top drawer product names —both must express key attributes, roll easily off the tongue, have great storytelling power, and be able to leap ever higher trademark and linguistic hurtles—successful business names have extra lifting to...

Professional Brand Naming Agency

Repeatedly we encounter clients who have attempted name development through crowdsourcing sites, in-house teams, or advertising and design agencies. While these approaches can sometimes work, more often than not they result in names that are mediocre, legally indefensible, or both. Many things account for this less than desirable outcome.

More Than Scrabble

Non-professionals namers are often considered “good with...