Nomenclature Systems


We worked with Dremel, a unit of Bosch Tools, to develop a family of names for their versatile tool systems. Namebase developed Multi-Max for their oscillating tool system that provides for multiple attachments to complete a wide array of jobs. This tool is one of the best selling multi-use tools globally. Namebase developed SawMax for their highly versatile saw product, also a best-seller for multiple...


When Southwest Airlines revamped its loyalty program, Rapid Rewards, it was seeking a nomenclature that expressed its unique positioning as a highly reliable option, offering value and quality. Namebase worked with Southwest to create their A-List, A-List Preferred and Companion Pass levels to communicate the unique rewards Southwest offers to encourage customer loyalty. The names are direct and memorable and reflect the fun personality of...

Kia Logo.png

For Kia Motors, Namebase developed the family of brands: Sorento, Rondo and Picanto. While each name has its own personality and appeal, they all reflect the high quality and passion Kia puts in to each of its vehicles.