Packaged Goods

Bibsters - Brand Naming Agency

Procter & Gamble’s Pampers brand needed a name for its new disposable bib product. The name needed to be fun and catchy to stand out in the already colorful baby product aisle. We developed BIBSTERS; an exciting, memorable name that is right on target and in line with the Pampers brand. It’s an integral part of a popular product line that includes Cruisers and Swaddlers. The name jumps off the shelf, at once saying what...

Cascade Complete - Product Naming Service

Procter & Gamble needed a name for a new dishwashing product that eliminates the need for pre-rinsing. We created Cascade Complete. Conveying “total” cleaning action, the name extends the Cascade line with phonetic aplomb. Procter & Gamble has since applied the “Complete” extension sub-brand to its Dawn, Dial and Crest brands as well.