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Kabuni - App Naming Service

A company named Whole New Home came to Namebase seeking an evocative name for their key offering platform: a digital and real world place that connects interior designers, vendors, and consumers. The client was seeking to portray a whimsical image that emphasized the ease and fun of the site and app. We developed Kabuni, a light-hearted name that means ‘design’ in Swahili. The entire community has embraced the name, using the...

dremel logo edited.jpg

We worked with Dremel, a unit of Bosch Tools, to develop a family of names for their versatile tool systems. Namebase developed Trio for their new multi-purpose rotary tool and Multi-Max for their oscillating tool system that provides for multiple attachments to complete a wide array of jobs. MultiMax is one of the best selling multi-use tools globally.