• Namebase creates names that accelerate your business

    Namebase creates names that accelerate your business

First Impressions Are Powerful

The name of your product, service, solution or company is your buyer’s first impression. The creation and selection of a name is an important decision and one that should be handled by naming experts who are backed by years of experience. Namebase is that naming agency.

For over 20 years, our marketing, creative, linguistic and market research experts have been naming products for leading companies in industries ranging from packaged goods, food and beverage, automotive, finance, healthcare and technology. We understand the challenges you face when choosing a product or company name and these insights are weaved into each naming effort we undertake.

Kabuni Brand Naming Agency

We added the fun to Kabuni!

IBM WebSphere Product Naming

We helped create a multi-million dollar product line.

Our Work

Kraft FT edited.jpg

Kraft Fresh Take

Kraft presented Namebase with a challenge: they needed a name for their new dinner preparation product, a special blend of Kraft cheeses and seasonings used to spice up the main meal. Hundreds of candidates later, we created a tantalizing name: Fresh Take. The name did double duty. It stressed the product's fresh ingredients along with the idea of putting a new spin on supper.

Experian GreenUmbrella Logo

GreenUmbrella for Experian

Experian called on Namebase to develop a name for their new online extended warranty brokerage. They were intent on having a very memorable and personable name for the new consumer-facing, web-based service.

At Namebase we feel that the best names are often the ones that call to mind an immediate visual image. We developed the name Green Umbrella. The name is very visual, connotes “protection” and “money” and has a good deal of...

fruitopia logo.gif


Coca-Cola needed an uplifting and snappy name for their new fruit drink and we created FRUITOPIA. A play on utopia, an ideally perfect place, this name captures the joy and energy of the brand and promotes the product as an ideally perfect fruit drink.

kia sorento edited.jpg

Kia Sorento

Having completed several successful naming projects for Kia, the company returned in search of a brand name for their mid-size SUV—a rugged vehicle with an air of refinement and style. The name needed to appeal to both genders while skewing male and have strong global appeal. After test driving many name candidates, we came up with Sorento®. The name covered a lot of miles, rolled off the tongue and evoked the winding roads...

Arro logo.jpg


The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission needed a name for its new taxi hailing app to be used by urban travellers to hail, book, pay for and enjoy their ride. With app stores teeming with similar offerings, Namebase needed to develop a unique name that conveyed speed and convenience in a highly active and energetic way. Namebase developed ARRO to communicate the idea of efficiency, movement and control. The spelling,...

Mediterra Brand Naming


Namebase worked with a group of entrepreneurs to develop the name Mediterra for their line of Mediterranean--inspired food products. The name evokes the delicious and full-flavored tastes of the region and is extendable from hummus and bakery products to healthy nutrition bars.

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Names that Communicate Simply

Strong brands are built on powerful brand names. Our approach to brand naming is to create simple and evocative names that will propel your company or product to great heights. With so much information for your buyers or consumers to process, we believe a name should be both easy to understand and make customers want to learn more.

We develop brand names that achieve the right balance of simplicity and engagement to ensure your product has the momentum needed to build a strong business.

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Our Process is Backed by Data

The selection of a product or company name requires making tough choices and Namebase naming service will guide you through name evaluation and selection. We use a proprietary scorecard for each naming effort, allowing for a data-driven and objective approach to name selection. Not sure if a made-up, coined word or natural language is the right choice for your offering? We'll explain the trade-offs among the different approaches so you can make the most informed decision for your business.

We Can Turn on a Dime

  • Naming does not have to be a fraught, weeks-long process. Do you need a name quickly? Do you need a quick assessment and feedback prior to launch? Seeking feedback on name candidates? We can handle that as well! Contact us at wecanhelp@namebase.com or click our button below for a 30-minute consultation on your naming needs.

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